TkT Olympics

The TkT Olympics is a 5 day long GW2 event that will decide who the best teams are and it's coming to you starting the week of 21/4/14! There will be PvP and PvE elements to allow a chance to show off your skills in your favourite part of the game. 

So far the teams are as follows:

Gryffindor (The house of loyalty)

Ravenclaw (The smart ones)

Slytherin (The house of no microphones...)
Dee Plumme

Hufflepuff (The house no one cares for)
No one

To take part in the events, all you have to do is show up on the day. You may come for multiple events, but you will represent the same team every time.

There are no prizes, Only GLORY! 


Elder Scrolls Online is progressing nicely! While there are still bugs, as with any new MMO launch, it's running far more smoothly than any other original launch that I've played and they are fixing any major progression bugs as a priority every week. We almost have 150 members in the guild, the guild store is up and running and we have several higher level characters working on getting to max level to start earning their Veteran Ranks for raid progression! If you haven't already, check the ESO forums for Alexandra's Guides on raid style team work and add your thoughts to the discussion. 

We will begin forming raid groups within the next 2 weeks and will require that you are able to at least listen on Mumble. 


AION is still moving forward albeit with a slight setback. The latest patch has made it impossible for players with Mobile Nvidia cards to play the game. Unfortunately that means that Naka is mostly out for the time being, but Fil and Dirk are holding things down until her return. 


If you've never tried TERA, why not give it a go? James and Cheese are getting a good feel for the game and plan on setting up a TKT there in the near future - join them and have some fun on another beautiful game with an amazing combat system.  


Over 25 new songs added to the radio today! Listen in!

General Info

In order to better facilitate our entry in to multiple MMO's we will be changing the forum/mumble ranks to a more generalised system of;

Community Leader >Admin > Guild Leader > Officer > Moderator > Member
Crimsonified I would totally be hufflepuff except I'm starting the 128.7 hour broadcast on that Monday :'( Can Hufflepuff be the offl ...